Deadlands Noir on Roll20 Screenshot


Deadlands Noir on Roll20 Screenshot

A screenshot I took after the game last night.

Deadlands Noir Badge.



Here is a better shot of the badge. I wore this proudly all Con. I’d be wearing it everywhere still if I wasn’t paranoid about losing it! I’ll see if my wife can take a better shot later. She has much more talent for photography than I.

Savage Worlds Deluxe wins the Ennie.



During the game, Clint Black and the rest of the team found out Savage Worlds Deluxe won the Gold Ennie for Best Game. It was an honor to see the smile on Clint’s face and share in the moment. Congrats guys.

Deadlands Noir Don’s Game Minis.



These were the minis that greeted us for the game. If remember correctly we had the Harrowed Boxer, the Voodoo Houngan, the Grifter, myself the P.I., the lovely yet wicked  Heiress, and our Mad Scientist.

The Grifter is an evolution of the Huckster who needs to imbibe in his vices to be able to appease his Manitou. I’d expect that you should wait to read the actual book to get the real gist, as I’m hoping I’ve recalled what John Goff said about the Grifter correctly.

Deadlands Noir Don’s Game



Here is my character sheet from the game, along with the dice and badge. A really fun game that revolved around the mystery of The Great Cardini. New Orleans, a magicians competition, death by safe and overall one of the best experiences I have ever had playing games. Between this game and the DCC RPG games with Harley and Sechin’s Mad Science Institute game, this was the best GenCon of my life. The only thing that would have made it better would have been the presence of my friends Mike and Eric. Next year, we make up for it.