What to do?

So, while the current game I’m running is Deadlands Noir for the Savage Worlds system, I’m itching for a Dungeon Crawl. As of late, I have been using Goodman Games‘ DCC RPG which I like quite a bit. It has a nice, different feel from the rest of the Fantasy Games I’m accustomed to. “But”, I tell myself, “I’m itching to run The Tomb of Horrors, White Plume Mountain, Expedition to Barrier Peaks. Should I bust out the old PHB, DMG and MM?”

That’s my dilemma. I’ve been interested in the whole OSR movement of which DCC RPG falls under, but what about Labyrinth Lord or OSRIC? Swords and Wizardry? There are more choices than I frankly need right now. So far, I’ve picked up the PDF’s of Labyrinth Lord. They look extremely “Metal” and I like that. Reads well too. I like the ability to mix Basic, Advanced and White Box together. I like that I can use my old books as well.

I want to do an old-school Dungeon Crawl and I want to use old-school rules. Since I want to run this game using Roll20.net, I’ve been shying away from using DCC just because of the Zocchi dice and randomness of the magic system. I think the old rules would work best for the style of game I want to run. I envision a Dwarven Brewery corrupted by magic, a portal to the Underdark and a Mind Flayer riding a Beholder. Sounds like some Old-School fun to me.

Afterthoughts: It’s a couple hours after writing this post and I have realized something. I have not run any form of Dungeons and Dragons in First Edition Rules since the early ’80’s I think. I ran 2nd Ed. in the 90’s, 2000-2008 had 3.0/3.5 and HackMaster. I did a little 4th. All my fantasy lately has been DCC…I need to play the old system just for the fun of it.