Alea Tools’ Initiative Tracker Arrives.

It’s no secret I love Alea Tools. They have an excellent line of magnetic game pieces for miniatures and other purposes. If you need to track status effects or wounds on a mini, just put a piece of magnet on the bottom of it’s base and you are good to go.

I get quite a bit of use out of the sets I have, even so far as to forgo minis and just use the markers. With a wide array of colors, you can have 20 or more distinct minis represented on a field with color choice alone. (In a play-through of Tomb of Horrors, while using Dwarven Forge, I found out I had enough markers to accurately represent all of the various spheres in the second long hallway in the classic dungeon.) You can also use dry-erase markers on them, which leads us to the Initiative Tracker.

You can jot down the name of a PC or NPC on the marker, stick it to the board and you have an instant Initiative order, With handy arrows that can be placed above the markers to indicate position in the current round.

I’m sure I will be getting a ton of use out of this fine product.





Hall of Spheres. My Alea Tools worked perfectly as I had more than enough colors so that each sphere was unique. Love those things.

Hall of Spheres. My Alea Tools worked perfectly as I had more than enough colors so that each sphere was unique. Love those things.

DCC RPG Dice Kickstarter?

There is a nice little bit of discussion and information over on the Goodman Games website forums. Impact Miniatures look to be working on a DCC RPG Dice Set Kickstarter, slated to start in January. The Amazing Harley Stroh brought this to my attention over on Google+.

I previously backed another dice Kicstarter from them and the dice are fantastic.

Here is the quote from Tom Anders on the forum.

“Hi Colin,

We were able to talk to Mr. Goodman at Gen Con 2013 in August and we have tentative approval now to work on creating an official DCC dice set.

We are getting the quote request back from the manufacturer as we need to order about 100,000 dice in order to make a minimum order of these matched color sets in 8 different colors and reasonable sizes (the largest die is only 26mm diameter). The sets will be 14 dice sets and have in them (D3 (D6 numbered with roman numerals), D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D%10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24 and D30).

We are even getting a quote if we overfund to be able to make the sets in translucent (ie gem) colors as well.

Current plan… we hope to launch the KickStarter to fund the sets in early January. 

I’ve been very excited about getting this project to become a reality and look forward to announcing it early next year.

Tom Anders @ Impact! Miniatures”

I for one, am looking forward to it.

Lesser Gnome’s Whisper and Venom Poster Map

I’m a proud backer of Lesser Gnome’s Kickstarter for Whisper and Venom, today I received the first piece of the project. A beautiful poster map as drawn by Alyssa Faden. Truly breathtaking to look at. Here’s a couple photos with my old iPhone which do it no justice whatsoever.

Happy Halloween! The Tomb of Horrors with Dwarven Forge and Labyrinth Lord.

Happy Halloween folks!

I ran my Tomb of Horrors Halloween game last night and I wanted to share some quick photos taken by my stalwart player J.D.

I’ll try to post a recap of the adventure so far, over the next day.


By the way, I just made the Tomb on the fly during playing, the Game Tiles are super easy to use and quite versatile!

Dwarven Forge is the Best.

When I owned my comic and game store, I had a shit ton of Dwarven Forge resin pieces. I had to sell them when the store closed. I have been wanting them again ever since. Now, with Dwarven Forge’s Game Tiles, that day has arrived! The Kickstarter is shipping out and I got mine. I’ll get more pics up (since I’m no longer crying over GenCon) as I work on my Halloween Labyrinth Lord game of The Tomb of Horrors!

And yes, I’ll stop neglecting this blog, I was a bit butt-hurt over missing all of my conventions this year, so I took it out on the blog (which was designed as a GenCon Blog).

On a similar note, I’m booked for GaryCon VI, with a room booked at the Lodge. This will be my first trip to the Lake Geneva area and I can’t wait. Well, other than the time I drove to Milwaukee for Gen Con, but it’s not the same thing.

Soon, more Kickstarter crap to show. Deadlands Noir, Hell on Earth Mini’s, Alea Tools’ new colors and Dwarven Forge Game Tiles.

UPDATED: Added more pics Oct. 24, 2013 11:12 a.m. Also, I should mention that I got 3 painted sets, a painted Chamber of Sorrows and a Painted Dungeon Dressing Pack.

Since I’m not going to Gen Con…

See what I did there?

So, I’m not gonna have all sorts of Gen Conny stuff to babble on about, I’ll blather on about all the Kickstarters I’ve had come in. Maybe I’ll slap some piccies up here on That Darn Intrawebz of the stuff I got. Let’s see, Deadlands Noir, Hell on Earth Mini’s, a Settlers of Catan Board and Dungeon Roll.

That should keep me busy. Yeah. I’ll get right on that.

I also just picked up a Fluxx Board Game. I got the Corrupted Dwarven Brewery (The Puddin’ Works!) for Labyrinth Lord I’m working on (I want to blog more about it, but I don’t want to spoil my players’ surprise) and The Batman Miniatures Game Minis I’m knee-deep in. Plus, all those Hell on Earth Mini’s should keep me busy, but I’ll probably just lay on the couch and watch bad movies with the pup while I’m on vacation. I don’t know why, but that little dog loves Houseguest. Yes. With Sinbad. No. I’m not kidding. Yes. I need help. “Patty Melt, Patty Melt, Patty Melt on Rye.”

Whisper and Venom, an OSR Kickstarter Ending Soon

When I was a kid I would buy the Modules and Box Sets that TSR produced for Dungeons and Dragons, I loved them, they evoked a sense of awe and wonder in me. As I started to get older, miniatures became an add on for my campaign worlds. Now I could get an elf, dwarf or cleric and have a mini to use to represent my character or NPC. But, I always wondered, “Why can’t I get the minis I need for a particular module in a box set?” Apparently, I was not the only one who wondered, because Zach Glazar, the man behind Lesser Gnome, asked himself the same question.

Now, there is a Kickstarter for an Old-School Box-Set that…comes with the minis needed for the adventure! Whisper and Venom is looking to be a wonderful Box Set that will bring back the old days. Dice, miniatures, the adventure, a map…all in the same box. It doesn’t hurt that the map is being drawn by Alyssa Faden, one of the brains behind Torn Armor, which I also backed. The Whisper and Venom Box-Set is growing with each stretch goal, expanding the amount of minis that will come in the box. Stretch Goals are planned for lots more minis and if the project can hit $20,000, a Pathfinder version will be created as well. Currently the Whisper and Venom set uses the Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC rule sets, although, any OSR game should be easily compatible, even Original Dungeons and Dragons.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the components of the set and the miniatures. I’ve received a Thopas miniature from a contest, my wife has gotten some swag as well, buttons, napkins, drink stirrers, matches and tattoos! It’s been a fun Kickstarter so far, why not pledge for this one, get some OSR goodness and BACK THIS GNOME!