Gen Con 2013 is Coming!

Gen Con 2013 is on it’s way and I’m getting psyched! Events go on sale in just a few short weeks and before ya know it, I’ll be in Indy.

I’ll be doing the same thing I did last year, which is to point out the various booths I’ll be looking forward to and the games I’m playing. Last year will be tough to top with the Deadlands Noir Don’s Game and a couple great sessions of DCC RPG with Harley Stroh. BUT, the first event I’m looking forward to is already on my list for this year. The Dungeon Bastard has a Kickstarter going for The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl! I’m in at the Dwarven Paladin Level so I can get a seat for the live game and they just changed the pledge level to allow for spouses and such to get a seat with you as well! It’s something I asked for and the Bastard came through! Pledge for this one, it’s guaranteed to be EPIC.

GenCon Recap Part 4: The Finale.

So there I was. GenCon is happening all around me. I’m getting some good gaming in. I’m walking back from playing Super Dungeon Explore and I see…The Dungeon Bastard! That dude produces some pretty cool web videos. You should check them out.

Over at the Who North America Booth, they had a nice life-size Dalek that was moving and talking. I grabbed a bunch of great stuff there. The Eleven Doctor Set that has all eleven Doctors Micro Figures, a Weeping Angels Playset, also got some stuffed Talking Daleks signed by the current voice actor for the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs (on the left in the photo).

Stayed at the JW Marriott again this year. While I had a great time last year and really enjoyed my stay. This year was much better. I had Trade Day and most of my games in the JW. It is a great place to stay and if the gaming tables occupy available space as much as they did this year, I will be staying there again next year. Top-Notch hotel.

Every year I see Nigel Sade at the Con. Every year we buy stuff from him, bandannas, prints and what have you. He’s a really talented artist and I suggest you check out his work.

This is a statue right in front of the Convention Center. Something about it appeals to me, so I share it here with you.

One of the games I learned about from my time at Trade Day, was this little gem called Pajaggle. We played it while discussing good games for libraries and I fell in love with it. I searched out the booth and grabbed a copy while I was there. Great family game.

This year saw the addition of food trucks outside the Convention Center. Food trucks are all the rage lately and I’ve been wanting to dig into some since I watch The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. There is also a grilled cheese truck I saw turn in front of me a few months ago and I have been trying to get a sample ever since. I know it’s the Melt Mobile, I know where it hangs out, I just haven’t gone yet. So, at the Con I tried to sample some of the various Trucks’ wares. This picture was taken while waiting for food from Der Pretzel Wagen, I got a Big Helga, I also had some decent pizza from The NY Slice Truck (Pizza is tough for me to like out of state, Connecticut has some of the best pizza in the world Sally’s, Pepe’s, Letizia’s, Colony) and got a nice Glass Bottle Coca-Cola and some cheese popcorn from Scout’s. Lot’s of others I wanted to try, but they were either sold out, or I didn’t have enough time to wait in between games. I hope the food trucks will be back next year, I thought it was a great idea and I’d love to sample more. I followed @IndyFoodTruck on Twitter and was able to find out what trucks were there each day.


Next, it looks like I’ll hit Anoycon in December and then GaryCon in March and before ya know it, it will be time to buy badges for GenCon again!

Almost that time.

GenCon is just about 2 weeks from now, got my wife’s badge and our tickets yesterday. My badge I’ll pick up on Wednesday at the Con, as I will be participating in Trade Day this year on behalf of the library I work for.

Looking forward to quite a few things, the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter game I’m in on Friday; the Mad Science Institute Hollow Earth Expedition game with author Sechin Tower; two games of DCC RPG with Harley Stroh and the smell of the hallway between the Convention Center and the Marriott (it’s a tradition).

Didn’t get in any HackMaster or Shadowrun this year, but we did secure some tickets for the amazing games from the You Too Can Cthulhu guys.

Might head over to the Shadowrun Fan Meet and Greet Wednesday night.

Ah. Too much to think about. I’m sure the Con will cross my mind a few times in the coming days.

Next: What loot I’m looking for!