What’s New With The Burger King Kids Club.

I’ve been working quite a bit on my various home games this week, as Gary Con got my creative juices flowing. The Burger King Kids Club is currently enjoying our game of Labyrinth Lord. They have taken their characters through my Dwarven Brewery, The Puddin’ Works (Dingleblatz Brewery), which led them to the Underdank and a journey to find a way back out, all while encountering a MindFlayer that sent them to space. After crashing back to the planet surface in a Federation Starship, they found the Pyramid and Temple of Buttinkhamen, after a skirmish with some Klingons. They found themselves in Whisper and Venom’s Gauntswept, traveling in their Apparatus of the Crab, when they found themselves approaching an oasis. Thopas was there sunning himself by the water and with loads of indifference he hired the party to retrieve an item for him. They were then instantly teleported outside a Frost Giant lair to the North of the Gauntswept, in heavy snow and facing down a group of polar bears and their Frost Giant masters. What will they do next? Hopefully not encounter one of my favorite creatures that I never get to use, the Remorhaz! Heh.

So, after this adventure I should be able to run through Whisper and Venom, but what next? Well, I have some ideas. First off, I’m working on translating the old TV show Land of the Lost, into my next game. I originally planned to use Savage Worlds for the system, but I was hit with some inspiration at Gary Con and have decided to use another system for the game entirely. I don’t want to spoil the game for my players with a direct “This is the game I’m going to run.” because I think the game will be all the better for a little mystery up front. I’ve started working on my Forge of Ice Saleesa minis, so I should be ready to run this as we wind up Whisper and Venom in the next few weeks, which will also see a player return to the table after an absence. It will be good to have him back.

The main other item catching my eye right now is Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. I picked up the box set and I’m very impressed. The quality of reading is top notch and the old-school Diamond Dice, Box Set and Poster Map, along with some great subclasses, make this game look very solid while giving me a stiff dose of tactile nostalgia. I’m getting through the Players’ Manual as I’m writing this, so I hope to know whether my group would be into it after next Wednesday’s game. If what I’ve seen and read so far is any indication, we will be rolling some AS&SH as well.


Mindflayers and Klingons.

The Puddin’ Works gets near it’s conclusion as our heroes battle a Mindflayer. Starting off on a lunch break, our heroes left the mine they were working in to get a Bladder Buster over at Dingleblatz Brewery. When they arrived, the Brewery had been closed, warned of corruption and danger, but offering them a ten percent stake in Dingleblatz if they aid in the situation, got them in the doors. They faced Shriekers and Green Slime, Black Pudding and Grey Ooze (The vats were corrupted). They found all the Dwarves who worked there had been killed and brains were removed. They get to the evil cleric Stinkydink Twerkabert and find out that the Brewery was corrupted as the evil cleric concocted a disgusting brew made with Dwarf brains. Slightly pink, with a frothy head, the cleric downed a mug of brew and was trapped by a Hold Person spell. As the heroes defeated him, his Duergar minions collapsed the room, leaving our heroes trapped with the only way out being down. So they descend into the Underdark to find out more about the mystery.

That was the main hook, they then went down and found the Barrel staging area, where the barrels of brew would be dropped to an underground river to travel to…where? Various clues led them onward. Through an underground lake whose ceiling was covered with Piercers (By the way, dropping Piercers from the ceiling as they are in boats, is pretty evil) they continued. Finally finding a small settlement after the Mushroom Forest. Told of a way out of the Underdark, they set out to find the “map and key”. Finding the cave, they enter. After a battle with a minor Beholder that destroyed most of their main magic weapons, they found a large chasm underground. Crossing with ease they came upon some more Dwarf skeletons with open skulls, and vanquished them as well. After successfully finding a pit trap, the heroes moved forward to find the room where the Mindflayer was. They made every single save versus the Mind Blast, except for one that resulted in a lame Stun. They fought and were about to lose the cleric’s brain to the Beast when a strange device rose from the Pool of Frothy Brew. The Mindflayer released the cleric as he scrambled to get to…his teleporter. He disappeared and as the cavern began to collapse, so did our party. They wake up in a strange room thats filled with smoke and violently shaking, as a balding man in blue walks through the smoke towards them and says, “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

They then heard a voice say, “Collision with surface, imminent. Life support at 12%. Saucer separation in two minutes.”

And then I said, “I’ll see you guys next week.”  🙂

Whisper and Venom gets some paint and tonight is game night.

I got some paint on some of the figs from Whisper and Venom. I’m having some trouble putting together Attorals, I might need some new glue or Zip-Kicker. Loving it so far as my game will morph into the boxed set after a couple more adventures, speaking of which…

Tonights Labyrinth Lord adventure of The Puddin’ Works (The Dwarven Brewery) continues. Our party has fought through the brewery, braved the Underdark and are about to try to find the key and the map to teleport them home so they can make good on the promise of shares in the brewery. But, Mindflayers who brew beer mixed with the brains of Dwarves, are not so easily vanquished.

Here’s a couple pics of the Whisper and Venom figs, yes, I dropped a Malice and lost a hand, it’s resin, eh?

Post 100! Whisper and Venom Arrives!

Welcome to post number 100 here on Orcsamongus.com!

When I started this blog as a way to share my experience with Gen Con, I was amazed that anyone came to check it out at all. Now, I’m approaching 10,000 views and I’m even more amazed that anyone still visits the blog. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I hope to continue to provide you a glimpse at the World of Gaming through my eyes.

I was going to finish up the Tomb recap but the gaming group has been on a kind of pause since Thanksgiving, mostly just playing Star Trek Attack Wing. So I dallied.

I delayed posting this because I knew something cool was on it’s way to me, and it just arrived!

Whisper and Venom is sitting on my desk and I want to use Post 100 to just say, HELL YEAH! I’ll get some photos up…



The Tomb of Horrors Adventure.

So, where were we? Ah yes…We chose Option 1. That gave us three Humans, a 14th level Magic-User, 14th level Cleric, 12th Level Paladin, along with a 1/2 Elf level 5 Fighter/6 Thief, Gnome Fighter 4/Illusionist 5 and a Halfling Fighter 4/Thief 5. I also gave them a Kobold minion (Steve!) and a dog who remained nameless.

Clint Howard (Halfling Fighter/Thief), Clint Eastwood (Cleric), Brian Dennehy (Half-elf Fighter/Thief, Stacy Keach (Paladin), Slap Bumwalla (Magic-User) and Dewey Manlove (Gnome Fighter/Illusionist) all set out into the Vast Swamp to find Acererak’s Hidden Tomb.

The first thing they did was cast Find The Path to find the true entrance, and then Move Earth to get to it. Confronted with the main Hall of the Tomb, the players cautiously moved up the hallway, keeping to the path on the floor. At the Fresco of the Wizardly Work Room, they decide to play with the box and find the lever and pull it. Boom. Dennehy and Eastwood fall into the pit making their saves vs. poison. Then, Dennehy climbs out to the East and hits floor. Eastwood’s Find Traps spell wears out just as he looks at the floor section to the South. I mention a touch of blue, but it fades quickly, leaving the player unsure. He climbs out to the South and…falls into the pit. He makes his saves, again (this would become a pattern) and then climbs out to the East to hit floor. Now he steps forward and falls into a pit. Makes his saves and gets out again, now prodding with a ten foot pole to find the rest of the traps in the hall. This of course eats up a bunch of turns meaning the Cleric’s Find the Path is now done. Just like I wanted.

They arrive at the The Face of the Great Green Devil (Free Ice Cream!) and The Arch of Mist. Nobody goes anywhere near the Great Green Devil, it’s reputation has preceded it I believe. Eastwood Looks at the Arch, approaches, does not notice the pattern of lights, walks through, on the path. Welcome to the Forsaken Prison. All of the other characters except the Gnome and the dog eventually walk through the same way. While the Gnome just sat on the floor hugging the dog, the rest of the party messed with the levers in the Forsaken Prison, finally moving them all at the same time, down. Opening the floor to a 100 foot drop. 46 points of damage later and Steve, the kobold minion is dead and the rest of the party, sans Gnome are laying on the floor of the pit in a heap. The Magic Users Boots of Levitation only helped so much, so he was soon on the floor as well. Much time was spent using a Rope of Climbing and spikes to navigate to the top of the pit, Magic User casting Fly and then Passwall on the pit, allowing them to regroup in the Prison and try again.

I’ll continue the tale in just a bit…

Concerning the Tomb of Horrors.

So, on October 30 and November 06, I ran the Tomb of Horrors for my group of players. I used the facsimile copy of the original AD & D module from the Return to the Tomb of Horrors box set released in 1998 by TSR, Inc.

I used Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Edition Companion for the ruleset and rolled the characters suggested for three players in the back of the module. We chose Option 1. That gave us three Humans, a 14th level Magic-User, 14th level Cleric, 12th Level Paladin, along with a 1/2 Elf level 5 Fighter/6 Thief, Gnome Fighter 4/Illusionist 5 and a Halfling Fighter 4/Thief 5.

My players, having learned to play role-playing games from systems published mainly from the 1990’s and on, had a bit of a learning curve in respect to the way an OSR game runs as opposed to a more modern one. Thankfully, I had been running them through my corrupted Dwarven Brewery, The Puddin’ Works, (with LL’s AEC) for a few weeks before springing the Tomb on them. This has given them some familiarity with how OSR games differ, an excellent summary of which can be found in Matthew J. Finch’s Quick Primer for Old School Gaming.

It’s funny, because they have an inkling on how to play in that manner as I have always run my games with my own sensibility, which leans toward the OSR mindset as I have been playing since the ’70’s. I’ve never known it was an “OSR mindset” until I heard of the “movement” a couple years ago, I’ve just always run my games that way. I always tell my players “it’s a game of words” to the point it’s a joke with them, which is fine. I can be a surly DM. It’s only recently that I have decided to run the older systems (In the form of emulators such as OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, the recent WOTC 1st Ed. Reprints) because my experience with DCC RPG has been amazing and has opened my eyes to the OSR and the fore-mentioned games. I have always wanted to run S1 Tomb of Horrors, S2 White Plume Mountain, S3 Expedition to Barrier Peaks, I6 Ravenloft and the Desert of Desolation series I3-5, PharaohOasis of the White Palm, and Lost Tomb of Martek. Out of those, I’ve only run White Plume Mountain, back when it was new and with the HackMaster version. I’ve owned them all, absorbed them, read them to death, but I never ran them. These games allow me to do just that. I also want to run EX1-EX2, Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, which I also ran back in the day.

Side Note: Concerning OSR. I know people say Old School Revival but I much prefer Old School Renaissance, so that’s what I call it. What’s official? Who cares, I house-ruled it anyway 😉

So, what happened?

I’ll have that up next…

Dwarven Forge Tomb of Horrors Part Deux.


Last night I ran the second half of the Halloween game, as the players wanted to continue. I’m throwing up some quick photos now and will tell the tale of Clint Howard, Clint Eastwood, Brian Dennehy, Stacy Keach, Slap Bumwalla and Dewey Manlove later on.

Yeah, I know. Hey, I don’t name them, my players do.

Happy Halloween! The Tomb of Horrors with Dwarven Forge and Labyrinth Lord.

Happy Halloween folks!

I ran my Tomb of Horrors Halloween game last night and I wanted to share some quick photos taken by my stalwart player J.D.

I’ll try to post a recap of the adventure so far, over the next day.


By the way, I just made the Tomb on the fly during playing, the Game Tiles are super easy to use and quite versatile!

Dwarven Forge and The Tomb of Horrors.

I’ll be using Labyrinth Lord to run The Tomb of Horrors this Halloween. I’m really excited to have my Dwarven Forge Game Tiles to use. I think it’s looking pretty good so far…you?

OSR For You

I know the OSR movement has been around for a few years, myself really just finding out about it in the past couple years because of Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities, but also through the various blogs and Old School Gaming sites there are out there. Goodman Games’ DCC RPG was an eye-opener as well, containing a list of OSR Resources that I am still plowing through.

I know of OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, Swords and Wizardry, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the new Monsters and Magic, DCC RPG of course and Castles and Crusades. There are plenty of others out there as well. Not to mention you can just actually play the old Editions of Dungeon and Dragons again, thanks to the reprints that Wizards has been putting out along with the website dndclassics.com for all your .pdf needs.

I know OSRIC is a book that people have questions about, as I just researched all of this information for myself a few weeks back, I have also seen some posts on Google+ from people asking about the best version, etc. From my research and experience, get the Second Printing from Black Blade Publishing. It is up to date, it’s a beautiful book and mine was shipped quickly and packaged extraordinarily well. Just be sure to e-mail them, as the website’s store is miscalculating shipping. I’ve been very pleased with mine.

I have also picked up copies of the softcover Labyrinth Lord on Lulu.com. I’m quite impressed with the printing quality on these books as well. At Gen Con I will search out Monsters and Magic, I have the .pdf, but a book is always nice.

All in all, you should roll OSR Style for you. Because it’s something that appeals to you, not because it’s a trend.That’s why I am, it’s a way to reconnect with that little boy inside who dreamed of dungeons. And Dragons.

I’m pretty excited to roll OSR style, it’s been a long time since I used the old system, other than the HackMaster 4th Ed. years and my past year or two with DCC. I have a nice little campaign in mind…

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