WOTC at Gen Con 2013

Looks like WOTC is going to have a D and D Next Gen Con only Preview that you can now pre-order for pick-up at the Gale Force Nine Booth. I thought it odd when I saw the Dealer’s Room layout for this year’s Con that there was no Wizards Booth, which I must admit, I never went to anyway because of the difficulty of trying to get a promo figure or dice, or even getting in line for the roll for a prize deal.

From the article: “Pre-orders have now officially opened for Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle. This exclusive Gen Con 2013 D&D Next preview will only be available to Gen Con attendees—but don’t wait until the convention. When you pre-order your copy of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle you will also receive a free collectible D&D miniature designed by Gale Force Nine.”


Sounds good to me. I have not been paying much attention to the Play-Test Packets, so this will probably be the best way for me to check out some D and D Next stuff. Plus the mini. Hopefully there will be no jumping through hoops to get this thing as there usually are for any WOTC D and D Gen Con stuff.

See the original info here.


Gen Con 2013 Events

I totally FUBAR’d my Event purchasing this year. I clicked on submit and waited for something to happen, too long it seems, as I clicked again and was number 3500+. Last year I was 241 or so. Needless to say I missed out on most of the Events I wanted in on. Hopefully I can do a pick-up game of DCC RPG somewhere.

I got in a “Welcome to the Sixth World” game for Shadowrun 5th. I also grabbed a ticket for The Duke’s Inaugural Tournament. Got a game of Hell on Earth: Reloaded as well. I may tryout The One Ring and there is the Dungeon Bastard’s World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl to check out as well. I may not be as busy this year, but I’ll try to be!

Gen Con 2013 is Coming!

Gen Con 2013 is on it’s way and I’m getting psyched! Events go on sale in just a few short weeks and before ya know it, I’ll be in Indy.

I’ll be doing the same thing I did last year, which is to point out the various booths I’ll be looking forward to and the games I’m playing. Last year will be tough to top with the Deadlands Noir Don’s Game and a couple great sessions of DCC RPG with Harley Stroh. BUT, the first event I’m looking forward to is already on my list for this year. The Dungeon Bastard has a Kickstarter going for The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl! I’m in at the Dwarven Paladin Level so I can get a seat for the live game and they just changed the pledge level to allow for spouses and such to get a seat with you as well! It’s something I asked for and the Bastard came through! Pledge for this one, it’s guaranteed to be EPIC.