Tomorrow: DCC RPG

Tomorrow nights game is DCC RPG, a game of which I have become increasingly fond of. After playing the game with Harley Stroh at GenCon, I’ve gotten a better feel for running the game for sure. The game flows nicely and has a wonderful Old-School feel. What are they calling this? OSR? Old-School Renaissance? (Ah, Revival, had to look it up) (Update: Nope. Renaissance according to the DCC book) Whatever it is, it just reminds me of playing the game in years long gone by. I started playing in the late seventies and have never forgotten the Basic Rulebook (2nd print). I had been introduced to D and D by then, but this was the first set I bought with my own money (earned selling knives at an early Pennsic War) and it holds a special place in my heart. DCC has this feel, this air about it that lends itself to my style of play more than some others. In any case, we should finish up Doom of the Savage Kings and then be ready for either The People of the Pit, or The Emerald Enchanter. Depends if I level them at the end of Savage Kings or not.

By the way, if you are enjoying Goodman-Games‘ DCC RPG, then you should also check out Crawl! I won a set of the first three issues at GenCon and got a subscription as soon as I got home. I just have to figure out how to order more of the reference sheet pack I also won, I don’t see it on the Crawl! website (Just saw a comment that said they were a GenCon only thing, at least I got one!). But give it a shot, subscribe for under $25, you’ve probably spent that much getting BBQ sauce on Kickstarter that you haven’t even tasted yet.

GaryCon is in my sights…I wanna go just to play with Harley again, we’ll see!

Update: I just booked my room!

Big day at the Con

Big day today. Got up early for early access to the Dealer’s Room. Saw Android: Netrunner sell out in ten minutes. Got a bunch of the stuff I was hoping to snag. All except the Relic Knights Deluxe Preview Pack, I was told printing problems forced it to miss the show. I got great Shadowrun gear, I finally found a copy of Flapjacks and Sasquatches and I played a great game of Super Dungeon Explore. In the morning I’ll post pics of the loot I snagged, then I will be in games all day. Tomorrow it’s Hollow Earth Expedition, DCC RPG and then the most awesome of awesomes: the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter game. I can’t wait.
Tomorrow, pics from the con and any game I play in.

Trade Day. Done.



I was surprised by catering in the demo area. Nachos, sliders, wings, soda and water. I was waiting for a desperate gamer to start eating the bowl of diced onions, but I was denied what surely would have been an epic sight.

Almost that time.

GenCon is just about 2 weeks from now, got my wife’s badge and our tickets yesterday. My badge I’ll pick up on Wednesday at the Con, as I will be participating in Trade Day this year on behalf of the library I work for.

Looking forward to quite a few things, the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter game I’m in on Friday; the Mad Science Institute Hollow Earth Expedition game with author Sechin Tower; two games of DCC RPG with Harley Stroh and the smell of the hallway between the Convention Center and the Marriott (it’s a tradition).

Didn’t get in any HackMaster or Shadowrun this year, but we did secure some tickets for the amazing games from the You Too Can Cthulhu guys.

Might head over to the Shadowrun Fan Meet and Greet Wednesday night.

Ah. Too much to think about. I’m sure the Con will cross my mind a few times in the coming days.

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