SPOILERS: My thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor

Why exactly was 11 acting so weird? He seemed very off, not remembering the word “Companion” for instance.
Why did the TARDIS land in one scene with the “sound” noticeably absent? Did he take off the brakes?
We know 11 is “The one who Forgets” as Rose/Bad Wolf said in the 50th Anniversary episode, but how much has he forgotten by the time we see his last adventure?

When he was very old, did he touch his nose “Tom Baker” style?

The discrepancy with the numbering seems to be fixed up, with the Doctor receiving a new set of Regenerations. So, does he have another 12 now? Or, 11, technically.
11 also said that the Doctor would remember all of his past lives, with greater detail? I forget the wording, but it seems that the new Doctor will have a larger repository of information when he comes into being.

Notice how 12 came onto the scene ‘Forgetting” how to fly the TARDIS.

I think that 12 will have forgotten almost everything and will get to the point where he recovers his memories when his regeneration completes and he will have the most computer-like mind of any Doctor so far.

Just my thoughts on one viewing, I’ll have to re-watch it a few times.

New Doc

GenCon Recap Part 4: The Finale.

So there I was. GenCon is happening all around me. I’m getting some good gaming in. I’m walking back from playing Super Dungeon Explore and I see…The Dungeon Bastard! That dude produces some pretty cool web videos. You should check them out.

Over at the Who North America Booth, they had a nice life-size Dalek that was moving and talking. I grabbed a bunch of great stuff there. The Eleven Doctor Set that has all eleven Doctors Micro Figures, a Weeping Angels Playset, also got some stuffed Talking Daleks signed by the current voice actor for the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs (on the left in the photo).

Stayed at the JW Marriott again this year. While I had a great time last year and really enjoyed my stay. This year was much better. I had Trade Day and most of my games in the JW. It is a great place to stay and if the gaming tables occupy available space as much as they did this year, I will be staying there again next year. Top-Notch hotel.

Every year I see Nigel Sade at the Con. Every year we buy stuff from him, bandannas, prints and what have you. He’s a really talented artist and I suggest you check out his work.

This is a statue right in front of the Convention Center. Something about it appeals to me, so I share it here with you.

One of the games I learned about from my time at Trade Day, was this little gem called Pajaggle. We played it while discussing good games for libraries and I fell in love with it. I searched out the booth and grabbed a copy while I was there. Great family game.

This year saw the addition of food trucks outside the Convention Center. Food trucks are all the rage lately and I’ve been wanting to dig into some since I watch The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. There is also a grilled cheese truck I saw turn in front of me a few months ago and I have been trying to get a sample ever since. I know it’s the Melt Mobile, I know where it hangs out, I just haven’t gone yet. So, at the Con I tried to sample some of the various Trucks’ wares. This picture was taken while waiting for food from Der Pretzel Wagen, I got a Big Helga, I also had some decent pizza from The NY Slice Truck (Pizza is tough for me to like out of state, Connecticut has some of the best pizza in the world Sally’s, Pepe’s, Letizia’s, Colony) and got a nice Glass Bottle Coca-Cola and some cheese popcorn from Scout’s. Lot’s of others I wanted to try, but they were either sold out, or I didn’t have enough time to wait in between games. I hope the food trucks will be back next year, I thought it was a great idea and I’d love to sample more. I followed @IndyFoodTruck on Twitter and was able to find out what trucks were there each day.


Next, it looks like I’ll hit Anoycon in December and then GaryCon in March and before ya know it, it will be time to buy badges for GenCon again!

GenCon 2012 Recap Part 1.

New: I’m going to recap my original “Where am I gonna go” posts from before GenCon with what I actually accomplished and what I missed. I’ll add new information in a lovely Swamp color. Photos will be added as well.

It’s the Monday before GenCon and I thought I would mention the various Booths I’m looking at visiting, demoing at or purchasing from. Mainly this is my list of what to do at the Con.

Alea Tools: Booth: 608

New Version: A few GenCons ago, my wife bought me these excellent markers for miniatures, magnetic, they attach to the bottom of your figs to denote status or whatever you can imagine. The older version starts to repel each other when a bunch of them are in close proximity, I’ve read that is no longer the case, so I’d like to check out the newer model. Plus, they have a special going on…Verdict: Want to See.

-Spend $50 get a free 1” Marker Rack

Conclusion: I picked up some markers I didn’t have to add to my collection. Have I mentioned I love these? Because I love these markers.

Ares Games: Booth: 134

Sails of Glory: As a gamer who has been around for a while, there are games that I’ve never played but have always wanted to. This game falls into the genre of games I’ve always wanted to play: Ship Battles. I’ve always wanted a copy of Gygax, Arneson and Carr’s Don’t Give Up the Ship! so I keep an eye out for sea battle games. This one got on my radar due to this fine list over at Board Game Geek. Verdict: Want to Demo. Conclusion: Didn’t get a chance to demo, but still looks good to me!

Brooklyn Indie Games: Booth: 1033 with Game Salute

Ghost Pirates Board Game: Again, another ship game that incorporates another favorite, Pirates! Also discovered on Board Game Geek. Verdict: Want to Demo. Conclusion: Did not get a chance to demo, still on my watching list.

Catalyst Game Labs: Booth: 1703, 1711

Leviathans: Demo Leviathans and get a mini…OK! I’ve been watching this one for a while now, might satisfy that ship craving I have. But, looks cool, comes partially painted and the fluff has a Polish inventor creating the Airships. Sounds good to me. Verdict: Want to Demo. Conclusion: Saw it. Looked good, didn’t demo it but I’m pretty sure I’ll get this sometime.

The Duke: I got involved with the Kickstarter for this one, looking forward to playing it. There will also be a photo-op for the backers of this project at the Catalyst booth on Saturday from 5:30 to 5:45 p.m. I’ll be there. I wasn’t.  Verdict: Want to Demo/Kickstarter. Conclusion: While I missed the meet-up and photo-op, I did get a chance to see the prototypes and played with it a bit. I’m excited to get my copy. Catalyst also gave out a print and play version of the game, there is a photo below.


Shadowrun: 2050: I just want to hold this in my hands and stare at the cover for a while. Verdict: Want it/Gotta Have it. Conclusion: Nothing’s changed, still want it and gotta have it but I waited to pick it up because I wanted to pick up the Con-only stuff mainly.

Shadowrun: The Clutch of Dragons: Oh my. This looks…fantastic. Verdict: Want it/Gotta Have it. Ditto ^ .

Shadowrun: Elven Blood Limited Edition: Convention Exclusive. I could always use more Shadowrun Missions. Verdict: Must Buy.

Shadowrun: Weapon Cards (Guns.V1): Another convention item. Since Shadowrun is one of the games I’m currently running, this and the next one are Verdict: Must Buy.

Shadowrun: Gear Cards (Drones & Vehicles.V1): See above. Verdict: Must Buy. Conclusion: I got all three of these along with a set of Shadowrun Dice and the Convention GM Screen (different cover).


Mechwarrior Tactics Online Beta Key Poster: I seem to get into a lot of Beta’s. This one I want to be in. I’ve loved Battletech and Mechwarrior for many years. When I used to live in Florida, it was Battletech almost every night. Verdict: Snag One If You Can. Grabbed one.

Shadowrun Fan Meet and Greet: Wednesday 7-9 p.m. Union Station: I’ll try to make it, I want to make it, but I’m doing Trade Day this year for the first time, and this falls during the same time as my demo time with Trade Day. Verdict: Maybe. Maybe not.

Crash Games: Booth: No Booth

The Lost Dutchman: These guys have no booth this year, but I’m gonna follow them on Twitter and see if I can rustle up a Demo of The Lost Dutchman. I backed this one on Kickstarter and I’d like to get a taste of the gameplay. Verdict: Want to Demo/Kickstarter. Conclusion: I followed their tweets but didn’t end up searching them out and hitting a demo. Still happy to be a backer and can’t wait for the game.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment: Booth: 125

The Doctor Who Card Game: I am a Whovian for sure. I have my Sonic Screwdriver packed in my bag. Verdict: Want to Demo/Want it/Gotta Have it. Conclusion: Watched a demo, looks fun!

The Doctor Who RPG 11th Doctor Edition: I have the David Tennant cover, I wanted a Matt Smith cover. Perhaps this year? Verdict: Want to See. Conclusion: And there it is. Couldn’t justify a purchase as I had gotten a bunch of Dr. Who stuff and I haven’t played the David Tennant version I already own.


More later!

I’ll be back in a little bit with more!

Game Night.

Wednesday is game night for my group. Tonight, I brought over the swag I got for everyone. I wish I could have brought more, nothing like making a friend smile. I gave out some d24’s and d30’s for our DCC RPG game, some t-shirts, pins and a Dalek. I picked up Savage Worlds Deluxe and Hell on Earth: Reloaded. When we finish the next dungeon we will play that and switch back and forth between the two. Until Deadlands Noir. Then we shall enjoy that in all its glory.

Tonight we ran through some DCC RPG and we lost one poor soul to a pit.  Oh! And then someone else fell in, landed on his dead buddy and rolled off to safety only to be attacked by a ghoul. That’s two. Well, the ghoul fell into the pit as well, so that’s three. But who’s counting?