Gary Con!

An update is coming soon! Having a blast.  More news on the Grognarok Podcast as well! It’s all coming together. 


Getting ready for Gary Con. 

I’ll be leaving in a day or so for the trek up to Lake Geneva for Gary Con VII and I’m working on something new. I spent a good chunk of time as a Radio DJ and I’m taking that love for broadcasting and merging it with my love for good games and good grog. 

Stay tuned for the Grognarok Podcast. Details coming this week!


Alea Tools’ Initiative Tracker Arrives.

It’s no secret I love Alea Tools. They have an excellent line of magnetic game pieces for miniatures and other purposes. If you need to track status effects or wounds on a mini, just put a piece of magnet on the bottom of it’s base and you are good to go.

I get quite a bit of use out of the sets I have, even so far as to forgo minis and just use the markers. With a wide array of colors, you can have 20 or more distinct minis represented on a field with color choice alone. (In a play-through of Tomb of Horrors, while using Dwarven Forge, I found out I had enough markers to accurately represent all of the various spheres in the second long hallway in the classic dungeon.) You can also use dry-erase markers on them, which leads us to the Initiative Tracker.

You can jot down the name of a PC or NPC on the marker, stick it to the board and you have an instant Initiative order, With handy arrows that can be placed above the markers to indicate position in the current round.

I’m sure I will be getting a ton of use out of this fine product.





Hall of Spheres. My Alea Tools worked perfectly as I had more than enough colors so that each sphere was unique. Love those things.

Hall of Spheres. My Alea Tools worked perfectly as I had more than enough colors so that each sphere was unique. Love those things.

New Medieval themed album coming this year from The Darkness.

There is a new Darkness album coming.
Fun fact for gamers: Justin Hawkins has a tattoo of the Mind Sword from Hawk the Slayer.

From Loudwire:
“As for their new disc, Hawkins says fans can expect to hear The Darkness’s take on “medieval rock,” which he calls “medi-urban.” He says their vibe is “definitely stripped back — with the exception of some mandolins.” The upcoming effort is The Darkness’s follow-up to their 2012 album ‘Hot Cakes’ and was produced by Justin’s bandmate and brother Dan Hawkins at his Leeders Farm Studio in Norfolk.”

Read More: The Darkness Add Female Drummer, Plan 2015 Album Release.

The Pig-Faced Orc Returns!

I always loved the Pig-Faced Orc. Being a site called Orcsamongus, this is a most worthy topic: In the new D&D Starter Set, the Pig-Faced Orc makes his return!


Various sources claim that Gary Gygax stated that the pig-faced orc was a result of miscommunication with his artists, but I don’t care. Long may the Pig-Faced Orc Rule! Which they do in my project “Orcsamongus”, but that is not ready for full disclosure…yet.

If you’d like to pick up some great mini’s of these guys, check out Otherworld Miniatures as they are having a sale on them right now!

I’m finding quite a few things I like about the new D&D so far, i’ll make a list, but I still want to PLAY it.