The Walking Dead Prison.

Here are the photos from my Walking Dead: Take the Prison Savage Worlds Game. For a play-test it worked out pretty well, although I underestimated how long it would take to get into the Courtyard area. I also forgot my dice. Epic Fail. A GM not using his own dice? Preposterous. Can’t wait to get this painted and re-play it.

The Prison…More to Come!

Ran my Walking Dead game tonight with Savage Worlds and used my Modest Magic Terrain. I’ll put more up tomorrow, I just wanted to put a teaser up tonight after the game.

Working With Modest Magic’s Terrain

The Gallery below contains some of the builds I’ve been working on for my Home Game this Wednesday. The first three photos are a test of a smaller version of what I’m trying to build, The Prison from The Walking Dead. All of the other pictures show pieces that I have glued together. There is the big Keep piece, five floors high. The small Tower, currently four floors high. Then there is the Gate Piece, which I have glued, but left some modular pieces loose so I could use the Gate as a piece of Modular Terrain, which is one of the key features of Modest Magic. I’ll have photos up of the complete build after the game. It will most likely not be painted until a later date due to time constraints. I’d like to add that working with the terrain has been very clean, aside from breaking it off the sprue, there are no worries if you live in an urban location and need to work on the stuff in a confined space, as you can probably tell I have.

Terrain Builds

Here’s some of the layouts of my Modest Magic Terrain I’ve been messing with.

I’ll throw up some more pics as this piece grows. It’s gone from idea to testing, soon to glue and paint. I just need to figure out the exact layout I need for the game I’m planning to use this for. It’s also going to be probably 4 times larger when done.

The Day I’ve Been Waiting for is Here!

UPDATE 11/17/2012: Working on some builds, I’m at work so I will not be posting pics until later. I have a cool idea of what to build with the terrain, but I don’t want to give it away to my players. It’s a surprise!

UPDATE: All of the terrain has been de-sprued and I will mess around with some of it today. Game night ended up getting cancelled and next week being Thanksgiving here, we most likely won’t play next week, but that will give me some time to create the Mega-Zombie Castle of Doom!

My Modest Magic terrain arrived this morning! Tonight is game night, DCC RPG from the looks of what I just got! I’ll be doing a full review as soon as I can. Nick at Modest Magic has a contest going on that involves de-spruing (Is that a word?) the Dungeon Kit I got. I need to figure out what sprues are just the Kit so I can get in on it. Along with finding time to go outside to do it, as I’m pretty sure little pink foam dust and dogs don’t mix well. I apparently now have a ton of game prep to do, I’ll be back with more as soon as I can.


Game Night: Risk Legacy and DCC RPG

Since today is my normal game night, I wanted to post what we’ve done the past couple of weeks. We are taking tonight off so I can get some work done on our upcoming Hell on Earth Reloaded game which will run along with my DCC RPG game. Probably do a little flip flopping with the games. Side note: Help the Hell on Earth Mini’s Kickstarter!

Three weeks ago, I had some GM Burnout going on, so I suggested we play Risk: Legacy. Long story made short: We played, we loved it, marking the board and ripping up cards is awesome and I won by my favorite method: Sneaky Underhandedness. This, is why I play Thieves in Fantasy RPG’s. My favorite way to win is to do it under a cloak of uncertainty and lying. Nothing like watching three factions wipe each other out and not expect me to sweep  in and clean house to a win. So, my name is first on the board…who will be next?

The next week, we went back to DCC RPG, continuing after the Frawg God Temple. In the Temple the players found a map that led to a new location. While waiting for the awesome Modest Magic Terrain I’ve ordered, I picked up a set of Wyrd Miniatures Terraclips and the Dungeon Essentials pack.

We had a good time with the game and the characters eventually made it through the traps and got to the Witch at the end. After some Phlogiston disturbance during a Spell Duel, the Witch lay dead and the heroes were victorious. The Terraclips work ok. I bent a couple pieces putting the clips on, and the package shows things that don’t come in the set I bought, but it was cool for a visual aid. I suggest not putting all the walls up in every room as it makes it hard for players at the end of the table to see what’s going on. Much better for a mini’s game than role-playing  I meant to have a photo of the completed dungeon but forgot to take the last couple of photos after the game.

If you love Terrain…

Modest Magic is a small company that recently had a successful Kickstarter. They make terrain for gamers that comes unpainted but is an exciting concept. We are talking Modular Terrain people! Castle walls that can be used to make a castle, a keep, a tower, a wall! Use the floor tiles in combination with walls to make a DCC RPG dungeon you can create on the fly, at your game table! I personally think the dungeon tiles would be great for Super Dungeon Explore!

Or, if you like Sci-Fi, check out the Alien Civilization set. Great for your Warhammer 40K Tau or Necron army, or any future game you can think of!

I mention this terrain here because I believe in it, the creator has nothing but wonderful to deal with and the product looks solid.

Help a small time company with big dreams achieve them. Buy Modest Magic Terrain. Watch the videos on the site and you can’t help but want this stuff. Verdict: MUST BUY!