Still Losing Weight!

Still down! Yay!

I’ll post more details when I feel like it, just living my life and enjoying my new freedom from the prison of too much body mass.

Still gaming as well. Currently running Curse of Strahd at Battlegrounds Gaming in Norwalk CT, every Thursday night. Getting ready for Storm King’s Thunder. Also playing some Tanks by Gale Force Nine and starting a Polish Home Army for Flames of War.

I realize I still have prizes donated by Lesser Gnome and Lloyd Metcalf that need to be given away somehow. If I don’t devise a good plan, I will make sure those prizes get sent back to the generous donors who were both so very gracious to provide them to me for the podcast which never happened. I’ve been keeping a low profile on the Intrawebz lately, hence the neglected podcast and blog. But, I’m still kicking and healthier than ever!



-Daniel W. Cisek-

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