Whisper and Venom gets some paint and tonight is game night.

I got some paint on some of the figs from Whisper and Venom. I’m having some trouble putting together Attorals, I might need some new glue or Zip-Kicker. Loving it so far as my game will morph into the boxed set after a couple more adventures, speaking of which…

Tonights Labyrinth Lord adventure of The Puddin’ Works (The Dwarven Brewery) continues. Our party has fought through the brewery, braved the Underdark and are about to try to find the key and the map to teleport them home so they can make good on the promise of shares in the brewery. But, Mindflayers who brew beer mixed with the brains of Dwarves, are not so easily vanquished.

Here’s a couple pics of the Whisper and Venom figs, yes, I dropped a Malice and lost a hand, it’s resin, eh?

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