SPOILERS: My thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor

Why exactly was 11 acting so weird? He seemed very off, not remembering the word “Companion” for instance.
Why did the TARDIS land in one scene with the “sound” noticeably absent? Did he take off the brakes?
We know 11 is “The one who Forgets” as Rose/Bad Wolf said in the 50th Anniversary episode, but how much has he forgotten by the time we see his last adventure?

When he was very old, did he touch his nose “Tom Baker” style?

The discrepancy with the numbering seems to be fixed up, with the Doctor receiving a new set of Regenerations. So, does he have another 12 now? Or, 11, technically.
11 also said that the Doctor would remember all of his past lives, with greater detail? I forget the wording, but it seems that the new Doctor will have a larger repository of information when he comes into being.

Notice how 12 came onto the scene ‘Forgetting” how to fly the TARDIS.

I think that 12 will have forgotten almost everything and will get to the point where he recovers his memories when his regeneration completes and he will have the most computer-like mind of any Doctor so far.

Just my thoughts on one viewing, I’ll have to re-watch it a few times.

New Doc

3 thoughts on “SPOILERS: My thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor

  1. They WERE naked at the time, “Companion” has certain implications in that circumstance.
    Just before they landed he said it was in Silent Mode’ so as not to attract attention.
    Originally, he had 12 regenerations. The 10th Doctor used a second regeneration at one point but didn’t change, the non-Doctor Doctor (John Hurt) was between 8 & 9. So I figure he got 12 new regens and used the first to become the new guy. [Who, btw was inserted into The Night of the Doctor when they all were trying to “disappear” Gallifrey. Not sure if it was in the original airing of the 50th Special. ]

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