The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon.

Got my copy in of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon DVD yesterday. It is surprisingly watchable! After some of the experiences I’ve had re-watching cherished shows from my youth (I’m looking at you, Legends of the Superheroes) this is a welcome change of pace.
It has Mark Evanier and Paul Dini writing, which is a plus, as I’m a fan of both of their respective work in comics and film. I’m really enjoying this even if the first monster they encounter is Tiamat and they do defeat Lloth in like three seconds with no magic, but hey, I’m loving it.
I watched it all as it aired as a younger version of me, but this is my first revisit other than a bootleg I had which never worked right.
Still only $5!

Update: 04/08/2014 This was playing in the bar at Gary Con VI. Awesome. This is a great series and the shows are excellent, better than I remember! Buy a copy!


1 thought on “The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon.

  1. I bought my $5 gem last year and I am still slowly savoring them one-by-one. I didn’t get to see all of them as a young lad, so it’s a treat for me to see some of them for the first time. John Booth did a great write up on the cartoons 30 anniversary–>

    I think he stated it best, “…aspects of Dungeons & Dragons…are just buried in ’80s cheese – and I’ll admit up front that’s a guilty pleasure – but the show also reflected sincerity and heart and a clear love of the source material.”

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