The Tomb of Horrors Adventure.

So, where were we? Ah yes…We chose Option 1. That gave us three Humans, a 14th level Magic-User, 14th level Cleric, 12th Level Paladin, along with a 1/2 Elf level 5 Fighter/6 Thief, Gnome Fighter 4/Illusionist 5 and a Halfling Fighter 4/Thief 5. I also gave them a Kobold minion (Steve!) and a dog who remained nameless.

Clint Howard (Halfling Fighter/Thief), Clint Eastwood (Cleric), Brian Dennehy (Half-elf Fighter/Thief, Stacy Keach (Paladin), Slap Bumwalla (Magic-User) and Dewey Manlove (Gnome Fighter/Illusionist) all set out into the Vast Swamp to find Acererak’s Hidden Tomb.

The first thing they did was cast Find The Path to find the true entrance, and then Move Earth to get to it. Confronted with the main Hall of the Tomb, the players cautiously moved up the hallway, keeping to the path on the floor. At the Fresco of the Wizardly Work Room, they decide to play with the box and find the lever and pull it. Boom. Dennehy and Eastwood fall into the pit making their saves vs. poison. Then, Dennehy climbs out to the East and hits floor. Eastwood’s Find Traps spell wears out just as he looks at the floor section to the South. I mention a touch of blue, but it fades quickly, leaving the player unsure. He climbs out to the South and…falls into the pit. He makes his saves, again (this would become a pattern) and then climbs out to the East to hit floor. Now he steps forward and falls into a pit. Makes his saves and gets out again, now prodding with a ten foot pole to find the rest of the traps in the hall. This of course eats up a bunch of turns meaning the Cleric’s Find the Path is now done. Just like I wanted.

They arrive at the The Face of the Great Green Devil (Free Ice Cream!) and The Arch of Mist. Nobody goes anywhere near the Great Green Devil, it’s reputation has preceded it I believe. Eastwood Looks at the Arch, approaches, does not notice the pattern of lights, walks through, on the path. Welcome to the Forsaken Prison. All of the other characters except the Gnome and the dog eventually walk through the same way. While the Gnome just sat on the floor hugging the dog, the rest of the party messed with the levers in the Forsaken Prison, finally moving them all at the same time, down. Opening the floor to a 100 foot drop. 46 points of damage later and Steve, the kobold minion is dead and the rest of the party, sans Gnome are laying on the floor of the pit in a heap. The Magic Users Boots of Levitation only helped so much, so he was soon on the floor as well. Much time was spent using a Rope of Climbing and spikes to navigate to the top of the pit, Magic User casting Fly and then Passwall on the pit, allowing them to regroup in the Prison and try again.

I’ll continue the tale in just a bit…

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