OSR Bundle of Holding.

There is a new Bundle of Holding out right now, an OSR Bundle. Lots of good stuff here folks, pick it up. Stock up here.

This Bundle comes with Swords & Wizardry Complete, which is an excellent book, a book which also just went free to everyone.

Description from the Bundle of Holding Facebook page.

“We never got around to a formal announcement and lineup of our new Old School Revival bundle, which launched yesterday afternoon after a hectic and glitch-filled backstory you don’t want to hear. Apparently the world wasn’t hanging on our every word, though, because over 500 customers have already purchased this collection of old-style fantasy RPGs, supplements, and modules that recapture the do-it-yourself spirit of D&D’s earliest days.

Now, in addition to the many titles we launched with, we’ve just added “Demonspore,” a fine module (character levels 3-6) by Matthew Finch for his “Swords & Wizardry” (a retro-clone, also included in this bundle, of Original D&D). Established for decades in the cyst left by their dead god, a zealot band of Shrooms (a race known for bizarre projects and subtle objectives) have been working on the strangest task in their strange history. They are cultivating for themselves … a new god.

As with all titles we add after launch to any Bundle of Holding, all previous customers get “Demonspore” added automatically to their Wizard’s Cabinet download page. When you buy early, you never have to worry about missing later additions. (And by the way, your Wizard’s Cabinet pages have been upgraded. Atop each page, you’ll see links to all the other bundles you bought using the same email address.)

This Old School Revival bundle also includes an “OSR Toolkit,” a sub-collection of free resources we assembled from around the web to help you launch your own OSR fantasy campaign. We just added a compendium of this year’s winners of Alex Schroeder’s One-Page Dungeon Contest. Some amazing stuff there — check it out!

But check it out fast — the OSR bundle offer ends this Monday.”

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