Whisper and Venom, an OSR Kickstarter Ending Soon

When I was a kid I would buy the Modules and Box Sets that TSR produced for Dungeons and Dragons, I loved them, they evoked a sense of awe and wonder in me. As I started to get older, miniatures became an add on for my campaign worlds. Now I could get an elf, dwarf or cleric and have a mini to use to represent my character or NPC. But, I always wondered, “Why can’t I get the minis I need for a particular module in a box set?” Apparently, I was not the only one who wondered, because Zach Glazar, the man behind Lesser Gnome, asked himself the same question.

Now, there is a Kickstarter for an Old-School Box-Set that…comes with the minis needed for the adventure! Whisper and Venom is looking to be a wonderful Box Set that will bring back the old days. Dice, miniatures, the adventure, a map…all in the same box. It doesn’t hurt that the map is being drawn by Alyssa Faden, one of the brains behind Torn Armor, which I also backed. The Whisper and Venom Box-Set is growing with each stretch goal, expanding the amount of minis that will come in the box. Stretch Goals are planned for lots more minis and if the project can hit $20,000, a Pathfinder version will be created as well. Currently the Whisper and Venom set uses the Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC rule sets, although, any OSR game should be easily compatible, even Original Dungeons and Dragons.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the components of the set and the miniatures. I’ve received a Thopas miniature from a contest, my wife has gotten some swag as well, buttons, napkins, drink stirrers, matches and tattoos! It’s been a fun Kickstarter so far, why not pledge for this one, get some OSR goodness and BACK THIS GNOME!


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