D and D Next at Gen Con.

So, I figure I’ll give D and D Next a shot. I’ve looked at the Playtest Packet and while I’m not exactly thrilled or overjoyed, I am curious. I’m going into this very lightly due to the clustertruck that was 4th Edition. So let’s take a look at what’s going down at Gen Con this year and see what I may want to dive into.

WOTC is not going to have a booth this year, instead focusing on a play area for D and D Next and 4th Ed. and so on. While some people seem to think this is a weird move on their part, I get it. It allows them to focus on the game (hopefully), get honest feedback (hopefully) and get to us the best version of D and D they can produce (pipe dream). Also they can come back next year with a big bang. I’m sure by no means will the Wizards presence be limited, that just would not be in their interests.

So, there will be the Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle book coming out for D and D Next which you have to pre-order and attend Gen Con to get. I’m thinking about getting it. I did, then I wasn’t, now I am again because at the very least I could give it to a friend. So there’s that.

Then there are a couple ways to play some Next, the first is the Confrontation at Candlekeep adventure, which is one way to get a set of dice. The others are a 28 hour Marathon and also Murder at Baldur’s Gate Weekend.

I’m glad it’s not gonna be a hoop jumper to get the dice as it was last year. Then, I didn’t even bother. But they heard us:

“If you attended Gen Con last year, you might have taken part in our dice giveaway. If you had to wait in a long line last year to get your dice, allow me to apologize. We had a lot of success with our walk-up and play events at PAX and PAX East, but our sense was that most gamers at Gen Con have mapped out schedules that preclude drop-in events. It turns out we were wrong, to the tune of several thousand people showing up to play D&D Next. That’s an order of magnitude more than we expected.

We’re bringing the dice back this year, but making it much easier to collect them. If you take part in the defense of Candlekeep, you get a set. On top of that, we’ve designed Confrontation at Candlekeep to meet the overwhelming demand we encountered last year. This year, we’re offering pregenerated characters, a quick turnaround to get people playing, the option for people to step up and DM for their friends (rather than relying solely on our indomitable volunteers), and other improvements to keep the game moving.”

Generic tickets only.
Run time: 2 hours

There will also be the Night with Dungeons & Dragons, which looks to be a party with food and stuff. Hopefully swag. The D and D 30th Birthday party was pretty good with giveaways, so here’s hoping. When: Thursday, August 15th from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

So, at least I think I’ll be able to score some dice. I’d like to try out the game, I want it to be something good, but I’m worried they have gone too far from the D and D I love to come back. We shall see come Gen Con.

Full article can be found here.

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