Free RPG Day 2013 Wrap Up.

Free RPG Day 2013 is behind me now and it was just what I was hoping it to be. I went on down to my FLGS and ran a game of DCC RPG. I chose to run Sailors on the Starless Sea as it was my first public game in a while and I knew a zero level funnel would be easiest for me to run. I would have run 77.5 The Tower Out of Time, but I had already announced that I would run Sailors. Maybe if I try to get a belt buckle I can roll that one for some people.

So we had four players to start, two of whom I know. One is a friend I’ve played with in my home games before, the other is a local Connecticut fellow whom I have only gamed with at Gen Con! Well, we fixed that.The other two were younger gentlemen who I believe were there to play Pathfinder. Anyway, that gave us 12 characters to start with, a couple Dwarves and a couple Halfling Traders. No Scribes or Apprentices which would not bode well for them later.

So our intrepid victi…wait…villagers approached the Keep by way of the rubble in the back. A couple nimble Dwarves clambered up to the top, secured some rope and then watched as a couple of their companions tumbled down in an avalanche that led to the death of the first adventurer. One of the Dwarves would have bit it as well, but I allowed a Roll Over the Dead roll to be used as I knew they were below the average in PC’s as it was. And hey, he made the roll.

Once the hole was revealed that led to the Tomb of the Fallen, the PC’s dropped a rope down and figured out the hole was only about 14 feet deep when one of them decided to look at the Well of Souls…one save later and he warned them all to stay away. They proceeded through the Courtyard when a Lucky Dwarf discovered a bit of stonework hidden from view. The PC’s wanted to lift that piece of stone but were not strong enough, so as GM, I gave them a friendly reminder of the block and tackle over on the Well of Souls. First one to try to get it ended up with some nice corruptions as he spent two rounds getting out of the well. Our next brave soul, is now a dead soul as he dissolved into Chaos. Our lucky friend who made the save for the Well earlier and wanted to stay the Hell away was our next one to try for the Block and Tackle…and was able to get the chain secured and they were able to crab the cache.

Feeling invigorated, the party moved on to The Charnel Ruins and without too much trouble due to a swell first round, they dispatched the Tar Ooze, grabbed some armor, weapons, the Censer and Incense. Next on their list was The Tower of the Beast, after getting the door open we lost a couple more PC’s in the same manner as Ratface Slipshot (death by Beastman Champion) but they were able to win the battle and began to search the room and rescue some villagers.

We had a new player who had arrived by this point, so one of the players was kind enough to help him roll up some guys (Thanks Tom!) while I dealt with a couple Rot Grubs. Almost lost another there.

By the way, they never went back to the hole to discover the Tomb of the Fallen, so we saved a few lives right there. 😉

Then it was time to descend into the bowels of the Keep. Grabbing some torches, the party headed downstairs…

With a lot of caution they lit the torches and began down into the depths. They discovered the Trail of Gold and grabbed a bit of coin, ignoring the dangerous looking tunnel that led to…The Tomb of the Fallen, once again saving many lives. Moving on to The Dread Hall, five of the PC’s decided to go grab a skull, while the ones who made the save checked out the mosaics and the alcoves. A couple PC’s now armed with robes and skulls got the group moving down the stairs. An interesting side note, a look behind the screen if you will, I was using GameMastery cards for the items found and while I was setting up the night before, I realized that I only had two Robe cards. So, looking at what else I had, I saw cards for a Withering Hand on a rope. I decided to make the other two robes in the alcoves into the Hands and I described the other robes as having been destroyed to the ravages of Time and the other pair of Hands the same. I was hoping they would still have four PC’s in vestments, but alas, it only led to two PC’s wearing both items as a set. Lesson learned.

Here’s where the game got interesting for me. I saw what experienced players who pay attention to clues can do. One of the PC’s in a robe had also looked at the mosaics and as soon as they got down to the Menhir, he walked right up to the top, lit the candle and raised his arms in the air. Boom. One Dragonship later and they were on the Starless Sea.

As soon as the Leviathan raised his tentacles above the ship and waited…on the first round the other experienced player lit the Censer and appeased the Beast. I was actually pretty surprised as I’m positive he’s never played DCC, let alone this module. More lives saved.

They made it to the Ziggurat and they started to ascend when a couple of them revealed themselves as they started to attack the Beastmen. One arrow shot later and the Shaman was dropping an effigy into a pit…the Chaos Lord had arrived! The players fought hard, dispatched the foul beast with another solid arrow shot and they were able to save some villagers and make it out with five out of fifteen characters.

Whew. Time for some coffee and eggs.


2 thoughts on “Free RPG Day 2013 Wrap Up.

  1. I must say, my personal favourite villager was the halfling with two sets of armor and more than his fair share of weapons (Five? Six? Something like that) Of course, I might be a bit biased. Then again, the halfling /did/ get the first crit. Its all good.

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