WOTC at Gen Con 2013

Looks like WOTC is going to have a D and D Next Gen Con only Preview that you can now pre-order for pick-up at the Gale Force Nine Booth. I thought it odd when I saw the Dealer’s Room layout for this year’s Con that there was no Wizards Booth, which I must admit, I never went to anyway because of the difficulty of trying to get a promo figure or dice, or even getting in line for the roll for a prize deal.

From the article: “Pre-orders have now officially opened for Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle. This exclusive Gen Con 2013 D&D Next preview will only be available to Gen Con attendees—but don’t wait until the convention. When you pre-order your copy of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle you will also receive a free collectible D&D miniature designed by Gale Force Nine.”


Sounds good to me. I have not been paying much attention to the Play-Test Packets, so this will probably be the best way for me to check out some D and D Next stuff. Plus the mini. Hopefully there will be no jumping through hoops to get this thing as there usually are for any WOTC D and D Gen Con stuff.

See the original info here.

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