Exceptional Soda Pop

Good evening from a guest poster. Let’s be honest. When it comes down to it, gamers are critics of all things visual and attention to detail. So it pleases me to see the aesthetic packaging and design of a game mirror its awesome quality of play.

I had the pleasure to play this past year in a demo with Deke himself as Cunsole – what a game! Just wanted to give a standing ovation to the Graphic Design and Layout team at Soda Pop Miniatures. Their design and layout – specifically, the attention to fine detail from a good design and marketing perspective – is outstanding. 

As for the game, well, you gotta play it. It will be hard to live up to my Gen Con game experience with the co-creator himself, but the game is designed to develop so intuitively that  it’s a fast learn for both the seasoned and novice gamer.

Game night’s tonight.

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