Kickstarter Manipulation? No Biggie?

So, let me get this straight. In the final moments of the Dungeon Roll Kickstarter people started getting all ticked off because they they kept seeing the pledge amount go down, keeping them away from the final stretch goal, as people were pulling pledges.

The project ends up funding at $250,070 making the last stretch goal by $70. People start getting happy. A dude says he just kept dropping his large pledge several times during the last five minutes to keep the stretch goal intact.
People start calling him a hero and now want a special card made for him. Someone says all of his copies should be signed by the creators.
Someone jokes that he just cost the company a bunch of money because now they have to produce the special die for the stretch goal.
The dude who bought them all and got the stretch goal achieved announces he is selling the copies he bought for $25, $10 more than they cost in the Kickstarter, plus shipping. WHICH NOBODY MENTIONS OR QUESTIONS.
Am I the only one appalled by blatant Kickstarter pledge manipulation by a guy looking to make a profit off someone else’s work and dedication? And more appalled that people want to reward him for such behavior?
I guess if the creators don’t care, neither should I. The whole thing just seems “off” to me.
The Hive Mind has spoken, I’m not supposed to worry about this anymore. People are satisfied, I guess I’m just getting old. Seems like ticket scalping to me. And as many people yelled at me at Dead shows, “Don’t pay the scalpers!”.
UPDATE: I’ve seen people refer to this dude’s act of dumping a couple grand into a Kickstarter at the last second to achieve a bullshit stretch goal of a bullshit “spindown” d10, as a Heroic Deed. I know some cops and firefighters who would like a word. Heroic deed my ass.

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