Torn Armor Kickstarter

There is a pretty cool Kickstarter running right now for a tight little fantasy squad-based skirmish board game called Torn Armor. A project by Natalya Alyssa Faden, this Kickstarter has just reached the halfway point of funding and like most projects, could use some more backers to get funded and cruising toward stretch goals.

The project has some mini-stretch goals already, or soon-to-be, unlocked. Below are a couple pieces of art of these goals. We have a Winged Hussar (unlocked) and Buckles and Sebastian (locked).

Hussar BucklesSebastian


For those who need more incentive to back, Reaper has something for you.



Also, check out these crazy models that are add-ons. These things look amazing.



And if you hang out on Google+, which you should if you are a gamer, you can see some of the excellent maps Natalya Alyssa Faden has posted there. Some of these maps are available in the Torn Armor Kickstarter as well.

So, get on over there and pledge for this one, and tell ’em I sent ya.

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