Exile Game Studio Celebrates Ten Years

I’ve been a fan of Exile Game Studios and Hollow Earth Expedition ever since I played in a demo at GenCon 2006 with Jeff Combos and Sechin Tower. I punched a T-Rex in the foot and walked away with a gaming memory for life. Every year I go to GenCon I make sure to stop by the Exile Game Studio booth as soon as I walk in. It’s always a pleasure to play in a game of HEX and just see the guys again.

So, it is my absolute pleasure to congratulate them on Ten Years. I Hope you thrive for many decades to come.

Oh yeah, and today only, you can grab a .PDF of the HEX book over at Drive-Thru RPG. I still say the main Hollow Earth book is one of the best edited game books I have ever read. Go get yourself one!


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