Working With Modest Magic’s Terrain

The Gallery below contains some of the builds I’ve been working on for my Home Game this Wednesday. The first three photos are a test of a smaller version of what I’m trying to build, The Prison from The Walking Dead. All of the other pictures show pieces that I have glued together. There is the big Keep piece, five floors high. The small Tower, currently four floors high. Then there is the Gate Piece, which I have glued, but left some modular pieces loose so I could use the Gate as a piece of Modular Terrain, which is one of the key features of Modest Magic. I’ll have photos up of the complete build after the game. It will most likely not be painted until a later date due to time constraints. I’d like to add that working with the terrain has been very clean, aside from breaking it off the sprue, there are no worries if you live in an urban location and need to work on the stuff in a confined space, as you can probably tell I have.

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