If you love Terrain…

Modest Magic is a small company that recently had a successful Kickstarter. They make terrain for gamers that comes unpainted but is an exciting concept. We are talking Modular Terrain people! Castle walls that can be used to make a castle, a keep, a tower, a wall! Use the floor tiles in combination with walls to make a DCC RPG dungeon you can create on the fly, at your game table! I personally think the dungeon tiles would be great for Super Dungeon Explore!

Or, if you like Sci-Fi, check out the Alien Civilization set. Great for your Warhammer 40K Tau or Necron army, or any future game you can think of!

I mention this terrain here because I believe in it, the creator has nothing but wonderful to deal with and the product looks solid.

Help a small time company with big dreams achieve them. Buy Modest Magic Terrain. Watch the videos on the site and you can’t help but want this stuff. Verdict: MUST BUY!

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