Game Night and Post GenCon Thoughts.

Game night is here! We will be rolling down on some DCC RPG finishing up Doom of the Savage Kings. I want to then move on the The Emerald Enchanter but I was inspired by a module I saw called Attack of the Frawgs by Thick Skull Adventures, so I may run a homebrew in between using the Frawgs as inspiration. I picked it up off of Drive-Thru RPG along with another couple good-looking modules from Purple Sorcerer Games called Perils of the Sunken City and The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, both of which look really fun. Also, I’m excited to get the first modules from Brave Halfling, I participated in their Kickstarter and am anxiously awaiting these great looking digest sized adventures.

I thought over the next couple days I would post anything I have left over from GenCon that is of interest, pictures of things I saw and pics of the Hall. I’ll also revisit my posts about the booths I was going to visit.

The guys over at Pinnacle were gracious enough to post my pics from the GenCon Deadlands Noir Don’s game, I’m very happy to be mentioned on the website of my favorite game company. It’s a proud feather in my cap.

Hell on Earth: Reloaded is coming to our table! I’ve got most of what I need, just have to do some reading and planning, I’m excited to get some Savage Worlds action in as well. Afterall, Deadlands Noir is getting closer!

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