Game Night: DCC RPG

New companions join the fray!

All was going well, the Dwarf found the Hide of the Cave Bear, and a Cleric discovered magic beneath the rubble. No way to get to it, which is good, because the other Cleric says “Magic does not exist.”

They may not have gotten the Lion-Shield (nor will I let them once they read this) but they got the Wolf-Spear and the Hound of Hirot may be in trouble. Ah, who am I kidding? They’ve gone through about 20 PC’s on this adventure already and they still have to roll up two more before next week’s game!

The Legos are working great! I cut up some magnets and fit them to the bottoms so we could use my awesome Alea Tools Markers. I had props ready for the rooms, which added a nice touch. We can add equipment to the figs as they find it (notice the skull in the Alien…I mean Cleric’s hand), they are colorful and fun, plus to start the game I gave each player a sealed Mini-Fig booster and said “Here’s your character!” That was fun as heck, I think if I run any convention games in the near future, that’s how I will assign mini’s. You may think having an alien or a man in a bunny suit in a DCC game might take you out of the element, but all we did was have fun and enjoy gaming with each other. That’s why we play, folks!

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