The Darkness

The Darkness is one of my favorite bands. That status was just cemented into Rock Godhood as I listen to the new album Hot Cakes. Back and better than ever, the boys rock the house down.

Why do I mention this on my gaming blog? Well, I’ve been a musician (bass) for over 23 years and I was a professional DJ on a Top 40 station for a few years, so music is a big part of me. Also, because the second track Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now starts with this quote: “I am no messenger, but I will give you a message. The message…of death!”

Any gamer worth his salt knows this is a quote from the classic movie Hawk the Slayer!

Reading an interview with Justin Hawkins (the singer of The Darkness) today, I saw he mentioned that he had a “Mind Sword” tattoo. So I took it upon myself to ask the question only a gamer would ask…Mind = Blown!


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