More Kickstarters.

Other Kickstarter projects of note:

Hollow Earth Expedition: Perils of the Surface World: Jeff Combos, Sechin Tower and the rest of the gang over at Exile Game Studio are my first stop at every GenCon. I was there the first year they brought Hollow Earth Expedition with them and from the moment I punched a T-Rex in the foot, I was hooked on the system, concept and world. (I’d like to also note that the Hollow Earth books have some of the best editing I’ve ever seen in gaming books.) This one is funded already, but we’d all love to see new cover art, wouldn’t we? If you love pulp-era gaming and Jules Verne, check out this project.

Visionary Comics’ Deadlands: Raven Graphic Novel is a project that I’d love to see get funded. Charles Edward Sellner and crew have published some Deadlands comics previously, which were just collected into TPB form. They had set up a pre-order so you could pick up your copy at GenCon and I did just that. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Sellner and look at some of the art from this Kickstarter. Gaming material for Savage Worlds is included with the trade on sale at GenCon, and the Kickstarter has goals that include the same. Back this one. The Deadlands story is one of the best out there, and Visionary Comics is doing it right. Below we have their booth at Gen Con and the exterior and interior of an amazing French edition of Deadlands: Reloaded that had me in awe.


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