Legos? Oh no, what have we done?!

Playing in Sechin Tower’s Mad Science Institute game for Hollow Earth Expedition last week at GenCon, I discovered lots of cool ways to use Legos in gaming. (Thanks, Sechin!)

Apparently, people have been doing this but I, being an old grognard, just happened to discover this little gaming niche. And I think I like it. Some Legos have now been purchased for the gaming group with group dollars, and we will try them out next Wednesday.

In the meantime, my beautiful wife has decided to create some Characters out of the pieces we have. I present to you: Lego Minis that will be used as Horrible Messengers of Death! (my nomenclature) They are: The Blacksmith. The Most Winningest Female Professional Football Player of All Time! The Tavern Wench with a hotdog, and she’s not afraid to use it. The Zombie Fairy of the Apocalypse! Tyrion Lanister (my favorite)! And…frankly, I don’t know what the heck that is! But it’s gonna kill players!

3 thoughts on “Legos? Oh no, what have we done?!

  1. Thanks, Daniel, these are great!
    When I ran my first Gencon HEX game in 2006 I used legos because they came in pulp but I didn’t have the time/money to buy a whole bunch of new pulp minis (which were also a lot harder to find at that time). I like to think that I inspired the tradition, but I don’t think that’s true because I’ve seen them used in all sorts of other RPGs. I think they’re just too versatile for gamers to ignore!

  2. We think they are pretty rad as well! Plus, no painting! I have plenty of unpainted mini’s. Time for some color on the table. Plus, if a character finds a sword, you can give them a sword!

    Fun gaming with ya, brother. Let’s do it again!

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