Game Night.

Wednesday is game night for my group. Tonight, I brought over the swag I got for everyone. I wish I could have brought more, nothing like making a friend smile. I gave out some d24’s and d30’s for our DCC RPG game, some t-shirts, pins and a Dalek. I picked up Savage Worlds Deluxe and Hell on Earth: Reloaded. When we finish the next dungeon we will play that and switch back and forth between the two. Until Deadlands Noir. Then we shall enjoy that in all its glory.

Tonight we ran through some DCC RPG and we lost one poor soul to a pit.  Oh! And then someone else fell in, landed on his dead buddy and rolled off to safety only to be attacked by a ghoul. That’s two. Well, the ghoul fell into the pit as well, so that’s three. But who’s counting?

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